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Many replica watch batteries can be replaced without the use of any special jeweler’s tools. Batteries that are in non-waterproof watches are easily changed. Waterproof watches require special tools when a battery needs to be replaced. To insure the preservation of the waterproof seal, the back needs to be replaced to the original torque.

i've got a ROLEX DAYTONA 116528 replica watch, i like it, i don't feel like replacing it due solely to a dead battery. This watch was bought for $158. He is actually quartz. A person whose appearance is not professional can't tell whether it is fake or not.

but i cannot figure out how to get the back cover off, usually there are tiny screws or a notch to pry at but this thing is a smooth cover with no lip and no indent for prying... has anyone come across this style before? how do you open it without damaging the shiny metal surface?

Most usually used a pry-off snap-on back and you use a special fine prying tool for that. A press might be helpful to replace the back but not totally required.

You must have these tools

It's usually not easy without any tools at all, you can contact replica magic. At the time of purchase, you can ask them to give one of the following tools.

Step 5 is completed.

  1. Insert the edge of a blunt knife along the rim of the ROLEX DAYTONA 116528 replica watch back. Flip the knife upward. This should cause the back to pop off. Some watches have a rubber ring on the internal rim. If you are careful when removing the back, the ring can be reused. If the ring is damaged, it needs to be replaced.
  2. Locate the size and voltage of the battery; these numbers will most likely be found on the top of the battery. Always make sure that you have the correct replacement battery. Remember if the positive or negative is facing up (+ or -).
  3. Remove the battery. If it is held in by a clip, gently place a small flat-head screwdriver under the clip, lift it up and then out. If it is held in by screws, unscrew them (remember the location of the screws) and remove the battery.
  4. Insert the new battery in the same way the old battery was removed. If needed, use plastic tweezers to insert the battery. Press the battery into place using a plastic object, such as a plastic pen. Do not use metal objects for a new battery.
  5. Replace the backing by popping the cover back into its original place. Make sure the back is in the same direction it was when you removed it. If there is a rubber ring, replace that too.

If your watch is very expensive, it is waterproof. Do not attempt these steps when a waterproof watch is used. take it to a place that can replace a battery for your watch possible the place you bought it.

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